Your Telescope

from by The Astroyeahs



Every night you go to the window
Without a word, you've got a grin though
You're just fine but you're there for hours
I guess that you just wanna see the meteor showers

They're unimportant, the objects you praise
That's not to say that they can't amaze
But can't you see, they are not near
There's things much more immediate right here

All that you want is so remote
I'm right beside you patiently waiting I don't
Understand your obsession and why you won't
Look away, from your telescope

Oh I hate your telescope
Yeah I hate your telescope
I'd love to break your telescope
I hope you're happy cause I can't cope
With being second to your telescope

The only reason you come out to play
There's nothing to see during the day
Even so sometimes you're not all there
You just lean back and you stop and stare


from I Built My Own Spaceship, released May 25, 2009




The Astroyeahs Vancouver

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