I Built My Own Spaceship

by The Astroyeahs

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released May 25, 2009

Music by Gabriel Koenig




The Astroyeahs Vancouver

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Track Name: I Wanna Be Universal
It's likely you've never ever heard of me
But the fact is it was only temporary
I'm working across through the milky way
I'm gonna reach out to you all just like a shining ray

I wanna be universal
I just wanna be loved by everyone
I wanna have appeal in every place
I wanna put a smile on every face
I wanna be the brightest light in the sky
I wanna be cloned after I die
I wanna be bigger than the bang
I wanna be universal

I've mapped a tour along a comet's wake
And if you give me your hand I will give it a shake
But if you've got tentacles well it's okay
I'm gonna reach out to you all just like a shining ray


How can I prove to the rest of existence
I should be known it will take some persistence
I come in peace and I leave the same
All that I ask is you remember my name

Track Name: Escape Pod
We were warned
But always hoped that
The worst case scenario would stay back
Cause things go wrong
With relative ease
Now we'll have to be fast to get out in one piece

Oh go go go get to the emergency bay
Get in, close the door and we'll be on our way
We don't have much time, no the ship's gonna blow
The view from the escape pod should be quite a show
So push that big red button now

It could have been
Speeding space trash
It could rip through the hull and cause us to crash
Or maybe it was
Just a bad wire
But whatever it was now the bridge is on fire

There's a line
That I have rehearsed
You may know it, it goes 'safety first'
And when things
All fall apart
You know that I take it to heart
Track Name: Hologram Girl
You smiled at me and told me everything was gonna be
Well alright
But you couldn't know the way that my heart was gonna go
Cause I'm yours
Yeah I'm yours

But the biggest mistake that I ever made was
Falling for a girl in a hologram display cause
I wanna hold you but you've nothing to hold
And you're staying young and I'm getting old
And you're staying young and I'm getting old

Oh you glow
You shimmer
Without you
The light's much dimmer
They all say
You died long ago
But baby I can't let go

Your personality is so unbelievably
You're so charming
And I don't really care if it's not real and it's just software
Cause I'm yours
Yeah I'm yours
Track Name: Destiny Conquers Infinity
What are the chances
Two paths intersect
Moving cross the universe
Last time I checked
It just happened to the two of us
How do you like those odds
How do you like those odds

I ask you where you're from
And you tell me
I've never heard of the place
But that's hardly
A surprise cause we're up in space
And it's really very large
Yeah it's really very large

You were exploring
I was exploring
Though it never gets boring
We didn't know what we were searching for
But now we don't have to search anymore
I think we found it

It's a daunting thought
But I hadn't considered that
Would lead me exactly where I needed to be
Had it ever crossed your mind
Had it ever crossed your mind
Track Name: Your Telescope
Every night you go to the window
Without a word, you've got a grin though
You're just fine but you're there for hours
I guess that you just wanna see the meteor showers

They're unimportant, the objects you praise
That's not to say that they can't amaze
But can't you see, they are not near
There's things much more immediate right here

All that you want is so remote
I'm right beside you patiently waiting I don't
Understand your obsession and why you won't
Look away, from your telescope

Oh I hate your telescope
Yeah I hate your telescope
I'd love to break your telescope
I hope you're happy cause I can't cope
With being second to your telescope

The only reason you come out to play
There's nothing to see during the day
Even so sometimes you're not all there
You just lean back and you stop and stare
Track Name: Waiting in the Airlock
I've done this a thousand times before
But it always makes me worry
You know we may never make it back again
So won't you tell me what's your hurry

The scanners say that it's okay
But I say we're safe in here
So let's have a sit and just wait a bit
Oh won't you help me dear

It's a dilemma in the airlock
I get crazy in the airlock
I don't wanna leave the airlock
But I'll always follow you

I don't know why I'm afraid
And to you it doesn't make any sense
But going where no one has gone before
Has a habit of making me tense

There might be air that I can't breath
There could be creatures that would feast on me
There might be dangers that I can't see
There's probably a ton of possibilities
Track Name: Robots Aren't The Same
Oh I'll admit it's true
That when it comes to math you always pull through
But if I need someone to help me through a slump
You're not the one I turn to

If you're put to the test
With crucial jobs you really are the best
But if I've got a funny joke to tell
You will never understand the jest

Well I guess that I can be your friend
But you will never be my best friend
Cause you will always be a robot
You will always be a robot
(and it's not the same)

When you finally break
It's easy to just fix and remake
But don't think you can do the same for me
You know nothing about heart ache
Track Name: This Planet
You may live on the other side of this rock
It sounds far but it's just a five minute walk
The low gravity might be getting to me oh whoa
But it's coming down and it's time for you to go

This planet isn't big enough
Not for the two of us
You'd better take off
This planet isn't big enough
Not for the two of us
So just blast off

You drive around making noise in your hovermobile
But you never stopped to think how it made me feel
You can stay on your side but I still know you're here
Cause I can smell your breath on the atmosphere

I don't like you and you don't like me
Not what I would call a science fantasy
I just want to be left alone
So won't you try to find another home
I don't like you and you don't like me
That's all there is to it not much you can do
I just want to be left alone
So won't you try to find another home
Track Name: Scourge of the Galaxy
You had your fun
But oh it wasn't right
Now look at what you've done
This world it burns tonight
You take what you want
But don't leave what you should
You build a monument
And it all turns into mud

So you abandon the land
It's just like you planned
Cause when you're traveling through space
There's always another place somewhere

You're a menace to the galaxy
Wherever you go, whenever you leave, there's nothing ever left to see
You're the scourge of the galaxy
But no one will ever remember because you're writing history

You can't sit still
And you always need more
You pillage and kill
Under the guise of war
You had your fun
But oh it wasn't right
Now look at what you've done
This world it burns tonight
Track Name: Orbit in Decay
I'm just trying to keep my distance
I can't afford to get too near
Coming here was a bad move in the first place
And now it's too late or so I fear

I heard before that you were trouble
But you're much hotter than I could have known
The clock is ticking while I move in circles
Hope's no rock, it's a sinking stone

You're making me sweat
You're making me burn
You're turning me blind
And there's nowhere to turn
You're stealing my night
And you ruin my day
But try as I might
I'll never get away

My orbit's in decay
I'm never gonna get away

I was fine until you flared up
Fried my engine and you ruined me
Against your will I'll got no power
You'll destroy before you set me free

When I was young I always wondered
Cause you're a beauty from afar
But now I see that you're nothing special
You're all the same, you're a just a star