Waiting in the Airlock

from by The Astroyeahs



I've done this a thousand times before
But it always makes me worry
You know we may never make it back again
So won't you tell me what's your hurry

The scanners say that it's okay
But I say we're safe in here
So let's have a sit and just wait a bit
Oh won't you help me dear

It's a dilemma in the airlock
I get crazy in the airlock
I don't wanna leave the airlock
But I'll always follow you

I don't know why I'm afraid
And to you it doesn't make any sense
But going where no one has gone before
Has a habit of making me tense

There might be air that I can't breath
There could be creatures that would feast on me
There might be dangers that I can't see
There's probably a ton of possibilities


from I Built My Own Spaceship, released May 25, 2009




The Astroyeahs Vancouver

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