We were warned
But always hoped that
The worst case scenario would stay back
Cause things go wrong
With relative ease
Now we'll have to be fast to get out in one piece

Oh go go go get to the emergency bay
Get in, close the door and we'll be on our way
We don't have much time, no the ship's gonna blow
The view from the escape pod should be quite a show
So push that big red button now

It could have been
Speeding space trash
It could rip through the hull and cause us to crash
Or maybe it was
Just a bad wire
But whatever it was now the bridge is on fire

There's a line
That I have rehearsed
You may know it, it goes 'safety first'
And when things
All fall apart
You know that I take it to heart


from I Built My Own Spaceship, released May 25, 2009




The Astroyeahs Vancouver

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