Orbit in Decay

from by The Astroyeahs



I'm just trying to keep my distance
I can't afford to get too near
Coming here was a bad move in the first place
And now it's too late or so I fear

I heard before that you were trouble
But you're much hotter than I could have known
The clock is ticking while I move in circles
Hope's no rock, it's a sinking stone

You're making me sweat
You're making me burn
You're turning me blind
And there's nowhere to turn
You're stealing my night
And you ruin my day
But try as I might
I'll never get away

My orbit's in decay
I'm never gonna get away

I was fine until you flared up
Fried my engine and you ruined me
Against your will I'll got no power
You'll destroy before you set me free

When I was young I always wondered
Cause you're a beauty from afar
But now I see that you're nothing special
You're all the same, you're a just a star


from I Built My Own Spaceship, released May 25, 2009




The Astroyeahs Vancouver

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