Destiny Conquers Infinity

from by The Astroyeahs



What are the chances
Two paths intersect
Moving cross the universe
Last time I checked
It just happened to the two of us
How do you like those odds
How do you like those odds

I ask you where you're from
And you tell me
I've never heard of the place
But that's hardly
A surprise cause we're up in space
And it's really very large
Yeah it's really very large

You were exploring
I was exploring
Though it never gets boring
We didn't know what we were searching for
But now we don't have to search anymore
I think we found it

It's a daunting thought
But I hadn't considered that
Would lead me exactly where I needed to be
Had it ever crossed your mind
Had it ever crossed your mind


from I Built My Own Spaceship, released May 25, 2009




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